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What We Do


Creative Ideas

Whether your business is introducing new products and services, entering untapped markets, or initiating innovative technologies or production processes, Synapse Coding is constantly thinking of novel ways to partner with you to propel your business forward.


Innovative Tools

Here at Synapse Coding, we believe innovation is the creation of new products and services, that deliver value to your customers, in a manner that is supported by a sustainable and profitable business model for your long-term future.


Performance Optmized

Synapse Coding will always focus on code and application specific requirements with regard for your long-term performance, security and scalability needs.


Goal Achievement

Using state-of-the-art technology and advanced project management methods, Synapse Coding will always provide on-time and accurate projects while giving your team a seamless customer experience along the way.

About US

Synapse Coding was founded to solve the real-time systems and application connectivity and data distribution challenges experienced by a multitude of industries as they work to develop systems and new business models.

Synapse Coding has been at the forefront of technology within the medical field. We have experience in best practices within HL7, HIPAA Compliance, Digital Care Coordination Solutions, Telemedicine, and Scheduling Platforms.  Our experience has helped shape the design and development of real-world solutions for better patient access to care.

We are the winner of the 2020 SWFL Tech Innovation and Leadership Award.

We welcome your new ideas so we can power them with intelligent technologies. Come learn how we can work for YOU to take YOUR creative and innovative ideas and turn them into the new- NOW.


    We'll start by learning about all of your business requirements, including current and future goals and challenges. This vital first step ensures that we know exactly what you want and need from design to release.


    Building a custom system involves aligning a lot of moving parts, like architecture, UI/UX interfaces, and user scenarios. That's why we create a comprehensive design plan for each customer's unique business needs.


    Once the requirements and design plan are a go, Synapse Coding starts building your system. This stage is managed by an expert team of software developers, a project manager, a business analyst, and QA engineers.


    After we've built your solution, Synapse Coding takes care of seamlessly integrating it with existing business processes, migrating data, and educating employees. Our support team is always available before, during, and after the solution is deployed.


    Synapse Coding provides a guaranteed warranty with each product, along with customer support and system updates after the initial release.


3181 N Bay Village Ct Suite A200
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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Monday to Friday: 9AM – 6PM




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