I suppose a cockpit is anything but a quiet place. What do you think Stefan? Includes the the 737-900ER in passenger configuration with both blended winglets and split scimitar winglet configurations. <> A comparison would have to be made, though, across the whole range from the -600 to the -900. Webzales outlet legit globaltel add money procgen mansion generator. It repeatedly happened to me that the flight path displayed on the ND contained inconsistencies. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Thursday warned of a risk that pilots and other crew members could lose consciousness if the cabin altitude switches failed. What this means in practice is evident to the customer the first time they load the 737. We do so because we feel that forums in which users must engage one another personally are generally warmer, more collegial and friendly. Would be nice if the plane could tell you on a PFD. To me, the acoustic environment in the cockpit is tightly woven and convincing. Even in critical situations I can make all necessary inputs using my mouse hand without having to let go of the yoke, for instance to open a panel (I have a Saitek yoke/throttle unit and rudder pedals). The PMDG flies great whether by hand or by autopilot. Since 1997, we have asked users to sign their real name, first and last, to all posts in the PMDG forum. No discussion about filehosters (including slow download speeds, broken/missing links & torrents in general), 5. Of course, visual treats like these have their price. No I think thats different. We do this in order to keep conversations personal and familiar. It makes the transition to single-engine flight much too harmless. Here's an adaptation of a two pilot job for the sim: 1. On one of my test flights from Munich to Palma de Mallorca I had made an error in the fuel calculation and still had quite a lot of fuel in the tanks during the approach. Work through that section of the checklist again on your next flight. I was landing at a high elevation airport (10,900 feet) and the cabin altitude warning came on. is there a tutorial on how to set this correctly and not get the annoying alarm? I think I just forgot to turn the L and R recirc fans back on after engine start. With winglets or without. No attacking of other commenters (including insulting, threatening, trolling, baiting, flaming), 2. There is always space for improvement, and there are also a few noticeable flaws that remain to be corrected. What is your take on the sound, Stefan? WebCabin Altitude: Controllable or Uncontrollable 10,956 views Sep 26, 2020 190 Dislike Share Boeing 737 Pro 1.83K subscribers Following a rapid depressurization, this video shows Or if the FMC crashes completely because sloppily programmed clickspots cause me to flip the wrong switch on the overhead and power down the flight computers? The engines dont look entirely new from the factory, and the numerous official PMDG repaints are also a joy to behold. Holger: Stefan, if you look at photos of a real 737 NG and compare them with the PMDG copy, you conclude that it comes pretty close to the original. If this is your first visit, be sure to Good things take time, as they say but has a good thing indeed come of this? Cabin Altitude Warning - PMDG Simulations. Airlines have been told to inspect 2 pressure switches on Boeing 737s over concerns they could fail. There is always something that hums, buzzes or beeps. endobj I say this because if the 2D FMC is on a secondary screen, you cannot use keyboard entry you can neither use the tab key nor activate the input line in the scratch pad. No political discussions, go to reddit.com for that, 6. You can also use the RESET in the event one side falls down. This page was generated at 03:28. Even a few years ago, flight instructors in airliner flight schools would have shaken their heads at the mere thought. But an expert in the sense of the question you certainly dont have to be that. As the model is obviously very detailed and consists of very many polygons, less powerful systems display a skeletal airplane for a shorter or longer period of time as the image updates. And of course this entails that you need to obtain the necessary documents and work them through. The PMDG Boeing 737 NGX does have a few flaws, but they do not detract from the general impression. Movieman162, January 8, 2012 in PMDG 737NGX | 737NGXu, HiI have just done two flight in the 737-800NGX Winglets aircraft and on both at one point or another in climb i got the cabin altitude warning horn. By the way, practically all adjustments are made via the Flight Management Computer and take immediate effect without having to restart the simulator. If it werent for the CTDs! Review : SXAirportDesign El Paso International Airport P3D5, Review : RFscenerybuilding Brussels South Charleroi International Airport P3D5, Review : Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X and Flight Sim Coach experience with MSFS, MLD Scenery LRIA Iasi Announced for MSFS, Configuration of the aircraft from the cockpit without a restart, Crash to desktop (CTD) on some systems (see PMDG support forum). AVSIM Online - Simming's Premier Resource! Interchangeable equipment options for cockpit instrumentation PMDGs customized, flight model with enhanced physics augmentation. I'm not up to speed on the pneumatic system as I'm not a 737 pilot IRL, but I suspect this is because you have the isolation valve set to open instead of auto. He will tell us how realistic PMDG has managed to make the systems simulation of the 737 NG. I dont know. Should the autopilot control be realistic or simplified? Your cabin altitude is 13000ft. Check if the packs are turned on. stream And there is an almost unlimited range of solutions to this problem. Made me wish I had already migrated to FSX. That this is also the case here is an absolutely positive indication for me that the aerodynamic fundamentals have been implemented realistically. The aerodynamic purpose of this is not quite clear to me, but it is definitely beautiful to watch. In my view, PMDG has made clear advances here. Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG) has followed suit and recently released their interpretation of the Boeing 737 NG. A reload of the aircraft is not required, which can save a huge amount of time. Should steel brakes or carbon brakes be simulated? Its the same sound as the takeoff config alarm, but I get it when landing. And during the subsequent autobrake 1 deceleration I had to intervene manually to leave the runway in a reasonably sensible fashion. I went to my doors page on the fmc and found that cargo hatch was left open and was unable to close it in the air. Any modern flight guidance system can handle it though only of course if the initial situation is correct. and much much more! For example, this applies to the air conditioning sound and more seriously to all of the altitude callouts including the altitude warning. The image galleries on airliners.net dont really help either, because many of the images have been post-processed and stretched. I hope PMDG for those who use multiple set up monitors and for more realistic the situation add the First Officer 2D Panel as well. Which of the implementations conveys the most realistic feeling of space? i just diverted my flight after 30mins so i could shut the aircraft down. I learned that many airline pilots would sometimes welcome it if real autopilots flew as precisely as they do in the simulation. In such conditions, a flow experience will never come about. pmdg 737-600 cabin altitude warning. The directive includes the 737 Max. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. No discussion about problems you have with an add-on using the outdated cracked version of MSFS (, 7. check out the. No requests for older versions of an add-on, this is pointless almost always due to new features/fixes. In the system requirements, PMDG even writes something about i5 processors .In my view, that should be considered a warning. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. However, it said that in September, an unnamed airplane operator reported that both switches had failed on three different 737 models it tested. Also make sure ALTN is set to AUTO not MAN. The aerodynamic purpose of this is not quite clear to me, but it is definitely beautiful to watch. Before we get down to the meat of the review, we briefly want to characterize the PMDG Boeing 737 NGX in the wider context of the current add-on market. But the general impression is very good. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Honeywell or Collins MCP? Originally posted by Extra300driver View Post. Our reviewers Oskar Wagner, Dr. Stefan Benzinger und Holger Kistermann have taken a closer look at the Boeing 737-800 / -900. If everything is set correctly, there should be duct pressure in the gauges. A marketing and sales director in real life, he is also a beta tester and project consultant and has been with simFlight for ages. Press J to jump to the feed. Boeing had said earlier that the reported issues with the switches didn't pose a safety concern. This is very inconvenient and detracts from the overall impression. If it breaks any of the above rules or can be easily answered by our FAQ, it will be deleted. Very informative review. It just doesnt work. Oski: Well, it would be easy to hand out superlatives. Holger: I bought a new computer only three weeks ago. PMDG obviously did not want to expose themselves on this flank, which is why the add-on contains a balanced mixture of detail and functionality, without losing itself in resource-hungry bling-bling a la CaptainSim. Stefan: As a longtime model maker I can answer this with a clear and I admit slightly surprised yes. By the way, the setup option in the CDU allows the acoustic backdrop to be adjusted to personal taste again, this is a real innovation and one of the strengths of the product. However, a few isolated but relevant problems will definitely still have to be fixed. I have to say, though, that I dont have any real aircraft experience to compare to, nor do I have the time to climb into one of the fixed-based simulators in my vicinity. You cant improve on perfect syntactically maybe, but not semantically. Stefan: Well, in direct comparison with other 737 NG implementations I have to say that overall, the VC in those implementations is noticeably lower, making the view through the forward window less high and wider. Stefan: A few months ago I treated myself to a new computer because I finally wanted to max out FSX and be prepared for products like the PMDG 737NG. It can also happen that you experience lockups if you tweak the routing too much in flight. In this way, I can at least compare between similar aircraft. After all, they convert the data according to the add-on developers specifications. Sign up for notifications from Insider! PMDGs product philosophy aims not only to deliver a realistic airliner implementation but also to offer corresponding accessories. But those who know me know that I generally dont do this, as no further improvement is possible beyond a superlative. All of these models will only be available for FSX; an FS2004 version is not planned after all, such a product already exists in the shape of version 1. By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider !v2c6a=`JK\"@ O)g]BjesUb*P8z:^PHoFs\m)?)ne'k&! There is one thing you simply have to realize today: Given the high memory requirements of complex simulations, youre simply better off with a 64-bit system because, as a rule, the address space is large enough in contrast to 32-bit systems, where you quickly reach the limits. 1 0 obj All of this, in combination with the high-resolution textures and the well-executed model, gives the aircraft an incredibly realistic effect. And this is why the better the sound, the better the overall impression. In PMDGs forum, Robert S. Randazzo, the head of PMDG, confers the highest accolades on his sound designer, and I would like to echo this praise. 1) SIGN YOUR POSTS. The deeper you are prepared to involve yourself with this simulation, the more demanding it becomes to fly the beast realistically. All of this at unbelievably high prices but this is an indulgence die-hard 737 simmers will grant themselves. It seems all the more understandable, then, that such a calculation can, on occasion, go awry To be quite clear: The absolute majority of customers do not have any problems with the product, and PMDG has already released a hotfix to help customers that are suffering crashes. Once you have internalized the concept, you can conveniently operate the NGX to its full extent without any major investments in home cockpit hardware. Highly integrated exterior, interior cabin and flight deck sound environments. Do this by clicking the username pull-down at the top right, then selecting "User Settings." Oski: I would indeed make this recommendation in those cases where this experience has been gained with older FS aircraft. As above. By default its at 10,000 and if your cruise level is going to be 35,000 feet for example you need to set it to that. In my view, PMDG has made clear advances here. this is my hometown and i want this really b, Wonderful My Father-in-law Bombed the Hell out of Bremen. 2 0 obj Was the design team able to live up to the high standard in the area of graphics? Full set of ground equipment for each aircraft type, including passenger servicing vehicles. What use is the most detailed systems simulation if I have to click through three sub-panels in critical phases of flight with high workload? You should welcome the existence of a 2D panel, I assume? This really applies to all of the working space of the captain. The animations of the crew are great down to the smallest detail. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. This is why here, too, I have my personal standard setting, which I never change. Don O2 Masks and establish communications (boom to mask in the ACP) 2. To me, the 737 NGX is by far the best and most innovative and so the most significant aircraft add-on in a long time. Then set the landing atltude at the destination and the cruise altitude. The usability of the FMC on multi-monitor systems is bad to put it mildly. All new hi-fidelity models with superb detail Beautifully crafted exterior and interior models built over contemporary detailed plans and Updated 737 options packages reflecting operational improvements and changes to the global 737 fleet. Where can I find HGS Settings to setup the approach? But these are minor points, and moreover they depend on subjective perception. Honestly speaking I would feel very uncomfortable about this in real life, particularly if you consider that one of the main purposes of a go-around is to regain altitude quickly. IRL, a cabin altitude alarm is something you want to address quickly and correctly. Includes the 737-900 in passenger configuration with both blended winglets and split scimitar winglet configurations. You didn't set the bleeds and/or packs correctly after your engine start. I did not find any function that displayed any obvious errors. And I also believe that you will quickly lose interest if you operate at the level of merely pressing buttons. You can probably tell that many of these questions will not interest most virtual Boeing captains, who follow the motto: Can I use this to recreate my last summer holiday flight or not? But those who have knowledge of the subject matter and know what the different configuration options mean will find great satisfaction in them. Each Boeing plane has two pressure switches on board as a safeguard in case one fails, following a 2012 FAA mandate. "Safety is our highest priority, and we fully support the FAA's direction," the airline told The New York Times. {[O `Zfh=Ie;Aup7fQV"+. Most simmers aren't messing with that switch, I would guess. My specs are: Intel Core i5-2400 CPU 3.1GHz, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit and nVidia GeForce GTX470 with 2 displays or one display for the 2D panel and a projector for the external view. Quite simple: The better is always the enemy of the good. Free customer support both at our customer forum and directly from our support team if necessary. Can't figure it out. Is it even possible that this PMDG software can simulate a Boeing 737 realistically? Once to disengage and once to silence the warning its disengaged. <> The FAA said it doesn't have enough information yet to explain why the failure rate of the switches is "unexpectedly high" and recommended that airlines return any failed switches so that the switch manufacturer, which it didn't name, could investigate the issue. Stefan: Youre completely right. What I observe time and again is that there are suitable and less suitable configurations. This is not what the FCOM describes. Fully customized system simulation for all major and minor aircraft systems and components. The other animations are also executed very well. Or if I adjust the bank limiter instead of the heading bug? Oski, how does the NGX run for you? In cases such as these, this also applies to vertical navigation, where a target speed sometimes does not behave the way it should. You didn't set the bleeds and/or packs correctly after your engine start. Work through that section of the checklist again on your next flight. Hav No requests for links to similar sites like SimPlaza, 8. New York John F Kennedy International Airport (KJFK), The Janitor - An Interview with Tom Allensworth, Interview with Joshua Howard Re MS FLIGHT - March 2012, Interview with LMOC Re P3D - September 2012, The AVSIM Hack - First Published in May, 2009, The AVSIM Hack - The Full Story - Published April 2013. Obviously, George also has problems from time to time with leveling off exactly at a given altitude or predicting a descent point precisely. You can also tell it would spread a Fire fast in any crash if ON. We had already presented it on simFlight.de, but we would rather mention it again in case someone hasnt seen it yet. The present 737 interpretation from PMDG, to me, is the climax of this development (for the present?). Are there any operations that can only be performed in the 2D panel? This page was generated at 03:28. 510 minutes are enough to configure the rest of the systems for home use. PMDG gives their customers the good feeling of having bought a package that is very complete in terms of a serious Boeing 737 NG simulation. As a user, you dont have total control over all sound levels except, that is, if you have some knowledge of the sound.cfg file and fiddle around with it. A 2D panel is simply more convenient for that. Oski: Particularly innovative is not something you can really call the NG and here I mean the real aircraft even if NG stands for New Generation. True. This is already complex enough but can be carried out flawlessly with the present add-on. But I dont want to overstress this. Holger: In spite of everything, we find ourselves in a two-dimensional world: We sit at a computer screen and try to operate a simulated three-dimensional world using a mouse. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); The PMDG 737-900 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, my comment does not break any of the above rules, Always protect yourself when downloading Torrents, Flightbeam Studios NZAA Auckland International Airport v1.2.0, iniBuilds NZQN Queenstown Airport v1.0.1, iniBuilds KOKC Will Rogers World / Oklahoma City Airport v1.0.2, WorldSky Studios WIMM Kualanamu International Airport v1.0.0, IndiaFoxtEcho AmericaClass LHA Ships v1.1.0, Airwil Sceneries RPME Bancasi / Butuan Airport v2.0.0, Airwil Sceneries RPMG Dipolog Airport v1.3.0, BEAUTIFUL MODEL of the WORLD KMRY Monterey Regional Airport v1.2.0, BEAUTIFUL MODEL of the WORLD LEPP Pamplona Airport v1.0.1 (New Build), 1. The exterior and interior model are based on the original blueprints from Seattle. The hydraulic cylinders of the slaps and flaps are also modelled in 3D. Which of the implementations conveys the most realistic feeling of space? OP is talking about a warning horn that sounds continuously. Its great that this is possible today. Here at the Benzinger home, it is customary that I build a Revell model kit for every new FS add-on I buy and in this case, the PMDG model clearly beats it! His task will be to chair this review and formulate the final verdict. Here, the developers blundered! Great review, a pleasure to read. Maybe even too precisely? The aircraft they have delivered this time round, however, is really quite beautiful and modelled in great detail; it even features a cabin that is visible from the external view, which is not really typical for PMDG. Oskar Wagner was a Captain with a large Swiss airline for many years, flying a large variety of types, and he also worked as a Fokker company test pilot flying new aircraft in preparation for delivery. No, on the contrary: To start the engines, you. After starting engines set the top three switches to auto. I really took the system to its extremes here. What use is the most detailed systems simulation if I have to click through three sub-panels in critical phases of flight with high workload? So in that respect there is not really a lot that is innovative. If I consider how an A320 with FBW behaves which, after all, supports you extremely well during this transition the NGX seems to me to be a bit too harmless in this respect. Dr. Stefan Benzinger is a physician in Dachau and has been a member of the simFlight review team for half a year. The commitment that this requires in terms of cost and time should not be underestimated. Holger: I recently talked to a flightsim-crazy airline pilot it might even have been you, Oski. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. Simply ignoring the alarm will lead to an almost certain crash, as shown by flight Helios 522, which never pressurised and crashed due to fuel exhaustion. It is reassuring, though, that the developers are hard at work on a solution, and we are sure that PMDG will soon be able to offer such a solution. When I cant fix those I take out my headphones and just make a vroom sound to keep up the immersion. Each configuration can be tuned further to ones hearts content. Oski: In simming, expert is always a relative term. I probably wont even install the PMDG on my good old dual-core Vista 32-bit PC from Aldi (though other PMDG aircraft and even the FlightSimLabs Concorde run quite acceptably on it). Hardcore simmers will surely be delighted to note that printed manuals are available covering everything from Crew Training to the Quick Reference Handbook. Nothing to do with the ALT horn going off Paul. After further investigation and analysis, however, the airplane manufacturer and the FAA concluded in May that "the failure rate of both switches is much higher than initially estimated, and therefore does pose a safety issue.". I was a little surprised that the 737 NGX now has one after all. They are normally turned off for take-off (because they use bleed air which in turn reduces engine power) but have to be turned on after take-off, otherwise the cabin cannot be pressurized. And if the nitpickers now go searching for non-functional switches or panels, they will quickly find something in this area: The radar image, which can also be overlaid on the ND, does not exist. Be sure to click the "Show Signatures" box. Finally, Holger Kistermann. Or if I adjust the bank limiter instead of the heading bug? The FAA didn't say there had been any in-flight failures of the switches. The concept is explained extensively in the documentation and has even been improved over previous products (MD-11, Jetstream). Click here for more information and to see all donations year to date. I suppose it is simply impossible to program a perfectly flawless FMC. I, too, was affected by this on several online test flights. He is now our man for the fine details, and the focus of his assessment will lie on visuals, haptics and sound. PMDG obviously did not want to expose themselves on this flank, which is why the add-on contains a balanced mixture of detail and functionality, without losing itself in resource-hungry bling-bling a la CaptainSim. To be sure, the NGX sets new standards in a few areas that all future aircraft will need to be measured by but it also does have its flaws, even if they only marginally impact the overall impression. But lets put the 737 to the test, Captain! I dont know. Posts that are unsigned will be quietly removed without comment by the moderators, so to make your life easy- we recommend enabling your forum signature so that you never need to remember. Hit trip reset and switch iso valve to auto. When in AUTO MODE, or ALTERNATE (ALTN is a second automatic function, same as the AUTO mode) there is no way to reach the cabin altitude warning pressure. But I think if you press trip reset on the air con panel it should extinguish Ryzen 9 5900X, RX 6900XT, 32GB DDR4 RAM @3600MHz, 4k. Giuseppe Nelva We start a release, the DHC-1 Chipmunk, which was launched by Aeroplane Heaven. It's easy! There is an Alt horn shut-off button its on one of the pressurization panels, if you press that one you will get rid of the alarm sound for the rest of the flight. Rigid body physics for wing and tail surfaces. This review was originally published in German on our sister site www.simflight.de and has been kindly translated by Martin Boehme. Did you set your cruise altitude on the overhead? And this is a good thing after all, there are already more than enough other freeware and payware options for novices .This is not a game, this is a simulation of a working environment. By the way: This is the second part of our three-part 737 NG review special. Valve Corporation.

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