Benjamin, thanks for the insight. KEEP GOING!!! This is an outrage for the United States of America and it is time the seniors stand together, with their supporters and put a change to all of this political crap.! I was told that nothing is owed to me that my disability for anxierty. It means that the VA MUST consider all lay and medical evidence of record in a case with respect to benefits. He told me he is in therapy and working through the events that happened in Iraq. (Quote from Forrest Gump). For a limited time, you can book a free, no-obligation VA Claim Discovery Call with one of our experts. I have been fighting the VA for PTSD while in combat in Vietnam for 42 years. Should I apply for Sleep Apnea on its own or is this way good enough? The doctor indicated that it was likely that the Veteran first developed sleep apnea around 1970. For me Im a Lifetime member of the DAV and a member of the American Legion. 3.159(a)(2); Click to Read Layno v. Brown, 6 Vet. Sample Sleep Apnea Nexus Letter needed.. theprimitivemind. Image that one! It doesnt matter what you say unless its a mental issue. I filed under the benefit delivery at discharge program (goal of 2-4 months for determination after separation) and now almost 7 months after separation I have no rating decision. So just be steadfast unmovable always abounding in the Lord. Mulching and Watering The statement in support of a claim for sleep apnea. Spousal Letter Supporting Sleep Apnea. Take a look at our HOME OF THE WORLDS LARGEST INFORMATION BANK! It was a terrible, tragic incident, and John was never the same afterwards. Activist. Now think about this.. I am convinced I am to help other veterans and my case should be on FOX news. Below is wife statement, please comment if it is good to go. He had the biggest, warmest heart and lived for his family. If you want some serious help and information from a veteran who has 30 years of experience helping veterans across America and beyond. I have been a student since and when my symptoms are bad my grades show it. The VA does not care about the Vet now or never. It helps the person/doctor/NP to find the relevant info faster for your claim. His letters were lengthy, lighthearted, and reflective of the man Id always known. Then the appeal process then more years. If so, I would definitely appreciate it. Hope its over soon . I have been seeing a VA psychologist and psychotherapist for the past 4 months and I know that has to be included into the documentation they have requested for me. There are several factors that lead to the onset of sleep apnea. I just wonder are We gonna let them get away with this without a fight ? Could you possibly e-mail me a good sample letter were my Dr. can fill in the necessary information. They also are not publicized much but its a sure thing going to one of them.. Greetings to brother and sister veterans. I am also trying to put a VA Claim together for COPD. You just need to contact your service organization or call the RO Winston-Salem directly. I am filing for Adjustment Disorder and sleep apnea as secondary to Adjustment Disorder. 2004). Anyone who writes a buddy letter should include their contact information, their name and signature, the full name of the veteran that the letter is for, and the date. I wrote another notice of disagreement because my IBS problem was effecting me in asspects of my life, job, chruch and even travling and sometimes being late. Check and see what your doctors are saying about you.. Hi I am fortunate I type 80 WPM which helps my cause. This aint anything but red tape. I went through Ranger School but wasnt black ops, so you would think that patrols that I was on in Bosnia would be filed with my chain of command. Now the VA after turning me down for PTSD because I cannot give them names I again am fighting the system. The VA rates Sleep apnea in terms of percentage points, from 0% (acknowledging that you have sleep apnea but it doesn't impact your ability to earn a living) to 100% . Ask for your military medical record if you do not have any copies of ir (i hope you do) and go to the nearest VA place to submit the claim. left side of the screenthere it is folks!! A Buddy Letter written by someone you served with who can shed some light on how your shoulder separation occurred on active duty IS lay evidence. letters and electronic mail. Taking the study whereas sample apnea va will hike a copy of the sleek door. I work on this 24/7 due to righteousness and fair play. This information is especially important if your service treatment records lack sufficient medical evidence of any in-service disability or condition. Vietnam Veterans: Is Your Medical Condition on the Agent Orange Presumptive List? It was initially thought that Blane Horton was the breeder for Rebel Starfighter Prime but this has been proven incorrect. MSG VAM. Several of the decisions I was reading made statements such as "this symptom or this condition was not even mention by the spouse/family member in their letter". The spousal letter should have a flow to it. Then I served in Air Force Reserves from 1985 to 1990. This letter can be typed up on a word document, but it must be dated and signed by the spouse writing it. There is a court of appeals to remedy cases where VA ignores the law, which VA does on a regular basis. She didnt want it. Nexus Letters are letters from a veteran's current physician (s) stating their medical opinion regarding the service-connection of a veteran's condition (s). He said they didnt want the extra documents and I would be wasting my and their time including it. He began throwing things and hiding under tables. How many Vets take the time to do this? Copyright 2023 VA Claims Insider, LLC. We went through it and she wrote down some notes on the side of something. hi my name is anthony brown and i served in the united states navy from 1987 to 1995 which the military has lost my medical records serveral times. When it comes to sleep apnea, there are several types that you can qualify under. Far too many of the VA claims people act like the money is coming from their own pockets. . Service connection requires competent evidence showing: (1) the existence of a present disability; (2) in-service incurrence or aggravation of a disease or injury; and (3) a causal relationship between the present disability and the disease or injury incurred or aggravated during service. If a person/organization does not plan on honoring its agreements and commitments, then why bother putting them in place in the first place?! That tells them you are actively engaged in getting it processed. If you are considered service-connected, you will receive a VA disability rating for Sleep Apnea 0%, 30%, 50%, or 100%. Reuveni H, Tal A, et al. My original application is only a few months running to date. Then medical records and personnel records sent to me from St Louis and VA were totaly incomplete. Cir. When get this form I will share with you the forms # and what specically needs stated.Good luck to all of you, Have A Nice Turkey Day! Com DoD codes your DD Form 214, Block 26. R. at 1457-58. Some are slam dunks and I can generate the claimants award within 30 minutes of reviewing the folder; for othersamateur night, you can tell. Hear from fellow Veterans just like you, with many of our Veteran Success Managers having gone through our programs. The threshold consideration is competence: the author of a buddy letter must be competent to discuss the subject matter discussed in the letter. VA Claims insider is an education-based coaching/consulting company. So you tell Me what is a man to do to get the right benfits or the right records. Listen to this blog by pressing the "Play" button below! My prayer is wait upon the Lord he will hear our cries he will incline upon us he will pull us out of this horrible pit,and this mury clay place our feet on a solid rock and establish our comings and our goings. It should clearly describe how he or she knows the veteran and for the length of time. I hereby certify that the information I have given is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. He pulled out a gun, and John shot him dead on the spot. All I can do is wait, & fight, and never give up, I pray to God Almighty, that before I die, I will receive what is due to me, as I would like to leave my wife, with something other than her taking care of me all these years. During this time I had problems sleeping which continues to this day. Consideringevidencefor combat-related disabilities, see, A non-combat Veterans statements, Click to Read, Evaluating service treatement records, see, The accuracy or clarity of the individuals memory, Usinglayevidenceto support a claim, Click to Read. These changes should include at least some of the symptoms of sleep apnea. It took Me over 8 years to finally get 20% service connected , but the thing is obama and the democrats are gonna take Our compensation and pensions and use the money to help the illegal aliens they are bringing in to food , homes , cars , etc . Within a year of getting out I was diagnose by the VA though of obesity. He stopped eating and the clothes that used to fit him hung loosely off his emaciated frame. Well I was killing people in the South Mekong River Valley area with a group of ARVN Rangers and a small Spec ops team. But My case is still open! wait-wait and more waiting. U S Army retired SSgt 101st Airborne Division, Fort Camnpbell, Kentucky 1972. then i filed for va comp. Who is OTC? 0 percent rating for asymptomatic sleep apnea with "documented sleep disorder breathing.". This is very depressing:-(. Thousands of other Veterans in our Community are here for you. my claim is going on almost 2 years with a congressman backing me an nothing has happen. A noticeable sign of obstructive sleep apnea is snoring. THAT IS the problem, like many state FIGHT and keep on FIGHTING. My x-ray yesterday explained why I was hurting so bad, one of the screws broke in half, so part of it is secured in my spine the other part is just floating around causing even more scar tissue. 3. I think that if you talk to your VSO and/or get a review officer to take a look at it, then I think you will be successful. Things were going great until some fireworks went off unexpectedly, which sent John into a frenzied rage. Domestic Violence Records can be helpful if it describes your behavior bizarre crazy off his/her medication I have a claim in with the VA from injuries while in the Army WTC program for prior service folks. I have sleep Apnea and report states most my family of 10 brothers and sisters have it when in fact none do. He has weeks or so where he seems like his old self before randomly turning into someone I dont recognize. Try to keep the letter one page in length or shorter. Even better, use his or her letterhead to write it. That is like committing murder to rob someone of what is rightfully thiers. Any idea how to proceed? Now, although your wife statement may be credible, it doesn't carry much weight as does a nexus statement from tour doctor. I would rather die which I will do as a result of malpractice at the hands of an incompetent foreign doctor in the VA emergency room, than to go thru this arduous and torturous dog and horse show and reems of paperwork to add to my misery before I die and then wait an enormous amount of time which I do not now have thanks to the VA uncaring attitude. I say only to defend you and your family because obviously this govenerment cares nothing about their Veterans, especially those that are senior citizens now. You're not alone. Tune into CCK LIVE as we provide help. In 2009, I was finally forced to face my sleeping problems. The appearance that your letter is coming from a reliable source will be created in this way. I had made a binder with copies of all information I had. Any advice would be appreciated. I had an appeal for 2 1/2 years and when I submitted the paperwork after my second back paperwork, I went up to 40% retroactive to when I filed my appeal. I love it. My original claim was filed in 2005. My Brother, My heart goes out to you, as for myself, this is my third (3rd.) Is there anything that can be done to prove an injury was service connected. The most trusted name in education-based resources for Veterans. As I understand it, there are only a few places in the world that the VA is allowing presumptive service-connection for conditions resulting from Agent Orange. See 38 U.S.C.A. He was in the hospital for roughly 3 weeks and then sent stateside for additional recoup. A few years ago, prior to the PTSD diagnoses, I was diagnosed with mixed (central, and obstructive) sleep apnea. A well-written statement or buddy statement can be the difference between a grant of service connection for your VA claim and a denial. Does it mean anything to the VA that I was medically discharged from the Reserves and in those discharge papers make reference to active duty medical records for the same heart problem? Ive since recieved 2 letters in the last 2weeks telling me they are working on my benifits. Spouse or May 11th, 2018 - How to Write a Visa Invitation Letter for Australia Tourist Subclass 600 Visa Spouse or Partner . VA wants me dead bedfore they have to pay compensation to me. I always tell my clients; no VA disability claim has ever been denied because there was simply too much evidence! 5107; 38 C.F.R. Getting your file is the first real step to winning your disability claim. After you've figured out whether you will claim sleep apnea secondary to PTSD or to another condition, you must demonstrate the nexus or connection to the VA. Jerel L. York, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative However, a year later, we attended a neighborhood party on the 4th of July. i filed for and recieved 100% ssc. In January 1983 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and of course could not continue my naval career. Ensure That The Buddy Letter Is From Someone Credible And Competent. As of December 1st, 2022 the VA disability rate benefit amounts are as follows: 30 percent disability rating: $508.05 per month. I, Joe Smith, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct to the best of my knowledge: John Doe and I served together as combat engineers in the U.S. Marine Corps from August 1984 to August 1992. 42 Sleep Apnea Secondary Conditions SECRETS NEW. However, why do Vets mostly from that time, have to endure this? A current co-worker's statement in support of a claim describing the severity of your current PTSD symptoms IS lay evidence. Please send me that sample letter I so desperately need. The VA would then followup via telecom. Click the button below to start for FREE. Also, go to the VA for everything. hopefully my next post will be a victorious one. My husband was in the USAF from 1986-1990. during that time he was stationed in the Phillipines. By the way, the QTC doctor spent maybe 3-5 minutes with me, did no examination, and asked for no health history. The rep told me not to include any of my prepared documents. Finally received their ruling two weeks ago. A nexus letter is a letter simply states that your sleep apnea is as likely as not to have been caused by your service-connected PTSD, or another service-connected condition. The y gave me a few asprin or what ever and said go back to your unit. appreciate you, "The Forms Professionals Trust . Perhaps to save you all hiring lawyers try using the VET organizations like VFW , Order of the Purple Heart or American Legion most have offices at VA centers stop in and talk to one of them they are very helpful and can help you out. Here is another cramp I live with, where mustard on the cramping muscle, dont work. Our work is set up on points..we need to work a certain amount of claims per day in order to advance/keep our jobs. All Rights Reserved. This can establish a life impact for a veteran. To be looked at as we should be. They also had to clean the planes. Therefore, we are out in the middle of nowhere. Plastic or resin containers are usually reasonably priced and large enough for indeterminate tomatoes, but fabric containers, Tips for Successful Tomato Farming in Hot and Humid Climates, Tomato farming in hot and humid climates can be a challenge, but with the right preparation and care, you can still have a successful harvest. The reason for the length of my disability claims package was because of the Veterans Administrationsincompetence. Have the doctor do a test for everything you are complaining about. I am 40% service connect thru the VA for loss of hearing, athuritis, + eczema. Anyone with any knowledge about breathing issues knows that these conditions overlap to some degree But the sleep specialist at Lackland tells me that none of my medical issues contributed to my sleep apnea so my question is.. ( short of going to a private doctor) how do I prove that my sleep apnea is secondary to my allergic rhinitis/sinusitis, and lung conditions. Here is what I have done, I ask my VFW rep to provide me with a letter specifically what to state on her letter for my claim, he told me he would give IRON CLAD, evidence to win my case. Service connection for PTSD requires credible evidence of an in-service stressor, so a buddy letter used to corroborate that stressor should discuss when and where it occurred, unit and location assigned, and the nature and onset of any observable symptoms the veteran developed in its aftermath. Being denied (or delayed) takes the fight out of many but no Veteran should ever stop fighting. A lot of what are now compensated conditions were not known when many veterans were in-service. This quick disability claim letter to VA Comp & Pension from my own claim for sinusitis, sleep apnea and allergic rhinitis should help get your claim going. My name is Vincent Collins I was in South Da Nang Vietnam Province in1970 at the time Agent Orange was administered I aquired hepatitis as well as high blood pressure during that time. Hey my brothers our true salvation is waiting for us beyond this earth. I wrote up a free eBook for veterans to download that will help you get a copy of certain files that VA likes to hang on to like your health records, VocRehab records, and similar files that are more difficult to request. I also had documented abnormalities even when I was active duty. Here is a sample of the first two pages of my application for disability compensation to the Dept of Veterans Affairs. The faster your start it the better it is, plus they will give you retroactive pay. Went through my interview in which they failed to have my c-files on hand. Mulching is an effective way to keep the root zone cool and moist, while watering more frequently will also help keep the plant from getting too dry. I have seen a therapist and a psychiatrist, but that just drains me talking about these things all of the time. To update this-I finely got my claims corrected with much effort and the help of Sen.Levins office. We need an IG inspection to just wipe out a many that0is just qorking for and oinly a paycheck. Sample letter for sleep apnea - disability benefits questionnaire. It is so sick that when a claimant dies while waiting to get paid, that is a good case to workeasy points. mode to head Tag nexus letter for sleep apnea Showing 1 1 of 1 Items With hundreds of chapters across the globe ASIS is. Stan download the va disability question are for respiratory ailments at website. From 2013-2014, the VA and BVA denied VA benefits for sleep apnea in 76% of the appeals. In 2010 I was finally granted 30% for major depressive disorder. One year for the whole claims process. all denied. The doctor ordered a sleep study and he was granted to use a CPAP device. But VA told that I do not get anything, nothing change. I am not getting anywhere with the 800 number. Find another form here. Cir. I was unable to exercise and gains wait over 200 plus with a 69 inches height. Thank you. Same thing I claimed for in 2005. Yes theyre should be someone to research these claims and missions without the proper papertrail. 163. Good Luck keep in touch. THE NEXUS LETTER - VETERANS INFORMATION http //veteransinfo. Writing Convincing VA Statements in Support of Claim. document it and provide your records to the VA. We attempted to resuscitate her but were unsuccessful. I worte a notice of disagreement in a timely matter. Discover Tomato Varieties: While Galactic Magic Seeds is No Longer Available, There's Still Plenty of Variety for Your Garden, Galactic Magic Seeds was a website that offered tomato seeds from various breeders, including Rebel Starfighter Prime. Maybe an email from you with subject: Dont Tread on Me may encourage me: kelleykents (at)(gee)mail(dot)com Thanks for caring. Knowing where to start when filing your first disability compensation claim is daunting, and this quick article with my own sample will help ease your anxiety. He has many people looking for him including non veterans. The wrongs can now be righted while those of us are still able to submitt and win our claims. Sorry thats just how I feel. i am disheartened reading many of your stories.. All I can add to the conversation is that I am service connected 100%+ for multiple gunshot wounds and PTSD, The VA has been very good to me over the course of my life and I domt have many complaints outside of the times I have seen people who I thought were deserving of compensation and unable to recieve the benefits they earned, often times in blood.. Good Luck to all of you and God Bless. He isolated himself from everyone: me, his niece, his friends, and his siblings. 2 if you are unable to find your form here you may want to visit. As of the writing of this letter, still no reply. In 2009, I was awarded service connection for the COPD, and because I was on oxygen I was granted 100%. Use any workman comp awards after your served and it pertains to your present claim, espeically if you believe that the military cause the issue in the first placelike mental health issues, some work settings can worsen symptoms with PSTD, Major Depression and insomonia "Buddy letters" are lay statements provided in support of a veteran's claim for VA disability benefits. LOL, this John B sounds like the same F**ktard spewing his hatred of veterans all over facebook. I am also going through the compensation process for my issues related to service. The value accorded to other types oflayevidencedepends on such factors as. I recently submitted a claim for sleep apnea secondary to PTSD with the assistance of the Disabled American Veteran's org (DAV). Claims for disability compensation based on service connection of PTSD are one of the most commonly filed claims, but such claims are not without pitfalls. A spousal letter for sleep apnea, which documents what your spouse has witnessed over the years, and the approximate dates he/she noticed your sleep apnea symptoms began in-service IS lay evidence. ***EXAMPLE BUDDY STATEMENT*** September 6, 2006 To Whom It May Concern: I served with, ''the veteran" in, "Military organization" during, "specific time frames". So I am waiting to see what she says is true that means he got approved in the matter of months. A 100% rating yields $3332.06 per month. Many VA hospitals and clinics have in-house SOs from the DAV, state, etc to help guide you. Total Disability Individual Unemployability. Today I have not received reimbursement for my January 19, 2011 filed claim for 2010 medical. I would also notice he seems to be almost tired in the morning, he feels irritable and would fell asleep sometime. These letters can describe the nature of a veteran's observable symptomsincluding their onset, frequency, duration, and the extent to which they affect or interfere with the veteran's lifeas well as the events that may have precipitated the disability at issue. I have been diagnosed by VA mental health and my doctor said I am unemployable. Generally speaking, buddy letters should discuss the objective events and symptoms as they were observed by the author rather than speculation about diagnoses and their respective causes. This form is a sample letter in Word format covering the subject matter of the title of the form. Its unfortunate that most of you have gone thru the HELL of VA. Also have them check the archives of medical records. I am trying now to go back to the 2005 claim, but they are telling me because of the Form 9 was not done, the claim is dead in the water. Our country takes care of everybody and anybody but us the veteran. Brian is a Distinguished Graduate of Management from theUnited States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO and he holds an MBA from Oklahoma State Universitys Spears School of Business, Stillwater, OK, where he was a National Honor Scholar (Top 1% of Graduate School class). Have questions? that alone is 50% compensation if it turns out you have it. There are some key things I want to stress in the letter and give good examples like it says to do but do not want to end up with a book. I have reviewed the BVA cases of which many indicate apnea granted secondary to rhinitis, sinusits, or asthma.

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