But when Parnell kidnapped another young boy, this time 5-year-old Timothy White, Steven knew he couldnt let another child be subjected to the abuse and torment he had faced for years. Stayner said to investigators I want you to get a hold of some producers in Los Angeles. It then came out that Steven had been kidnapped by Parnell, who had been sexually abusing Steven while also posing as his father and forcing him to go by the name Dennis Parnell. Campbell, when first arrested on mail fraud charges, had in her possession Carole Sund's checking account and automated teller machine numbers. You have the other brother who's left at home. Among other things, the FBI Laboratory has found hairs in vacuum sweepings taken from Room 509 and possibly body fluid stains on a blanket (and) a latent palm print from the window sill. Latent fingerprints were also been lifted from the interior of Joie Armstrong's truck, which Stayner admits to touching during his encounter with her. He usually ate lunch and dinner at the motel restaurant. His attempt was foiled when other people were at the house at the time he was planning to commit the crimes. Something was clearly very, very wrong. Steven Stayner was just seven-years-old when he was abducted a few blocks from his home in Merced, Stayner, clad in a red jail jumpsuit, bowed his head but showed no emotion as Judge Hastings sentenced him to death three times, once for each murder, after returning to the courtroom. And he wanted the same treatment. Jens had scheduled to meet them at the San Francisco airport that evening on his way to Arizona, to where the others were to accompany him. It was the last time the women were seen alive. He is currently in his 60s and still on death row while incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. Then on March 25, Juli Sunds body was discovered near Lake Pedro in Tuolumme County. But, to no avail. Parnell and Murphy were driving towards town when Stephen was lured into their vehicle and abducted. Concluding the interview, he addressed the victims' families: "I am sorry their loved ones were where they were when they were. So while Parnell was at work, Steven ran away with Timothy, and the two hitchhiked to a police station in Ukiah, California. But, as the Hulu doc frames it, the media attention that Steven got after escaping his abductor and also saving Timothy White had a dark side both for Steven and for the rest of his family. Check-out had apparently been done in advance and the keys were left on the room desk. Cory gets emotional as she describes how he fell through the cracks of familial or institutional care. In 1997, Stayner got a job as a handyman at the Cedar Lodge, seven miles from the gate of the national park, where he worked for 2 years before the murders.. The issue of whether his confession was coerced seemed to be resolved when on July 24, the court heard the recorded demands that Stayner made to the FBI agents that he wanted to be satisfied before he would give them his confession. Real Crime 1.23M subscribers Join Subscribe 6.7K 562K views 1 year ago Also known as the Yosemite Park Killer, Cary Stayner murdered four women in 1999 Cary, as the older brother, had a very strange relationship now with his younger brother, Steven, who was getting all of this attention and who was a different person, former KNTV reporter Ted Rowlands told ABC News. Cary Stayner, now 57, was convicted of the murders of Armstrong, the Sunds and Pelosso, and sentenced to death for all except Armstrong's. He was arrested on March 5 when he allegedly reported to his parole officer with liquor on his breath. He was sentenced to seven years in prison but only served five, less time than he held Steven captive. The brothers, four years apart in age, shared a room, but didnt get along, Steven didn't understand the rules that he was now expected to live by. A woman named Lenna learned in 1999 that her mother, her sister and her had nearly been murdered by Cary Stayner. On days off he would escape to Laguna Del Sol, a nudist colony in Sacramento County. Those sources say it is difficult for some investigators to believe Stayner could have gotten the jump on all three women without any help, let alone dispose of their bodies.". | The FBI pushed for Strange's arrest, but he denied any part in the triple murders. After a couple of weeks, he upped the sum to $300,000. The 1999 murders of four women near Yosemite National Park were already a big story before Cary Stayner confessed in an FBI interview. Curtis Cousin Eddie Smith Claims Alex Murdaugh Made Him A Fall Guy, Morgan Doughty Filed A Lawsuit Against The Murdaugh Family, Buster Murdaugh Testified For The Defense At His Fathers Double Murder Trial, Randy Roth From 'A Rose For Her Grave' Is Still In Prison, Get Even More From Bustle Sign Up For The Newsletter. ", Steven Stayner and Cary Stayner in the baseball cap in the background. "Privately, some members of the Sund-Pelosso task force were saying the same things to the media. He was buried Thursday in the town of Newhall, where he had worked as a Los Angeles County sheriffs deputy. During the first crash, the truck jackknifed before hitting the car. She had probably been murdered on the evening of Wednesday, July 21. He remains on I want a movie-of-the-week made about my story. There was a movie made about Steven Stayner. For FBI agent Jeff Rinek, it was the climax of a Had no interest in girls, had no interest in people, he was just a creepy loner. The FBI task force investigating Yosemite issued a federal warrant for her arrest after she failed to appear in Stanislaus County drug court in June. After first flying to San Francisco, where Carole rented a red 1999 Pontiac Gran Prix, they stopped in Stockton, where Juli took part in a cheerleading contest at the University of the Pacific. Woman recalls moment family learned they were target of 1999 William Mapother is a cousin of, The unsub bears some similarities with Cary Stayner, older brother of infamous kidnapping victim Steven Stayner (. How can one family, contain two completely contrasting children? In December 1972, a 7-year-old Steven was kidnapped by Kenneth Parnell, a man who worked at the Yosemite Lodge at the national park near Stevens hometown of Merced, California. He has been questioned about any involvement. After they stopped trying to teach me the fundamentals all over again, it got better. Stayner was already serving a life sentence for the murder of Joie Ruth Armstrong. Unsurprisingly, it didnt take long for the story to become national news, and the teenage Steven was at the center of it all. Alternate Versions However, given Californias statewide moratorium on capital punishment, it doesnt appear that hell be executed anytime soon the states last execution was held in 2006. Decades later, Stevens older brother, Cary Stayner, made headlines when he was arrested and convicted of the serial slayings of four females. The Cedar Lodge hired him as a handyman in 1997 and gave him the use of a small apartment on the top floor. Carole and her husband, Jens, 43, owned a realtors business in the Stockton area. At that time, Steven had been forced to endure sexual abuse by his kidnapper, whom he finally turned in to the police. I got put on the back burner, you might say," Cary told J.P. Miller, a filmmaker who wrote a screenplay about Steven's abduction. Angelia Dale, who testified before the federal grand jury. In (the) interview, Stayner said he had fantasized about killing women for the last 30 years and described in detail how he murdered all the women, He had strangled Pelosso and Carole Sund in their rented cabin in the Cedar Lodge motel, then took Juli Sund to a lake, where he killed her early the next morning. After the fourth murder, the FBI went looking for Cary Stayner to interview him, but initially as a witness. The initial suspicion was that they may have wandered off the main hiking paths and got lost in the park. The trivia item below may give away important plot points. Sandy Cox, whose husband owned the window company where Stayner worked for in Atwater, says, "We've known Cary since he was a little boyIt just doesn't match up. In this, he calmly reviewed how he strangled 16-year-old Silvina Pelosso in the motel bathtub and how he sexually assaulted Juli Sund for hours before brutally cutting her throat. I want a movie-of-the-week made about my story,'" There was a movie made about his brother, Steven Stayner, and he wanted the same and for the world to take notice. He paid a local kid to ride with him to the town of Ukiah, California and he told to go and find him a boy. Im so proud of the way Carole and Juli lived, and Im so ashamed of Stayner.. I never recognized either one of them.". The other Sund children believed their mother and sister Juli would be returned. Steven was a national hero. Local police and Yosemite Park Rangers began to search the area where the missing three were last seen. He told Hartman that his parents "didnt change that much," but his brother and sisters, "they changed a lot. I guess seven years changed him, too. 'I try to stay strong because I know that's what you'd want your baby to be, but, Mommy, I don't want you to leave me.'". I never did tell anybody about it, but I remember wishing on a star that my little brother would come back home. Its manager had seen a story on television, recognized Stayner's photo as one of his guests, and notified the FBI. The Stayner family was made up of two brothers, three sisters, and parents Kay and Delbert. Cedar Lodge, 9966 CA-140, El Portal, CA 95318. Hastings rejected new defense claims that juror misconduct prevented a fair trial. Darrell Gray Stephens, 55, Strange's roommate. At a press conference outside the Stayner house, everyone was smiling, but Cary in his baseball cap wasnt smiling at all. That same day, Stayner allowed himself to be interviewed by a reporter from KNTV. Timothy White, the kidnap victim, was only 35 when he died. During the session, an unexpected event occurred. By the end of that evening, the FBI felt it had gathered enough evidence to arrest Cary Stayner for murder, Sunday morning, they rushed him to Fresno to officially lodge a complaint, then to Sacramento on Monday where he was put before the courts. I went to ask if Cary wanted to talk, reporter Ted Rowlands said. But instead of seeking mental health treatment, he moved to Yosemite. But it took less than six months for another murder in the area to show them that the killer was still at large this time, the victim was 26-year-old naturalist Joie Armstrong. Cary was off anybody and everybody who met him will tell They had been hosting Silvina, who was a foreign exchange student from Argentina and a friend of Juli's, She was spending three months with the family. "I remember going out one night after Steve disappeared and wishing on a star that my brother would come back home," Cary reportedly told Mike Echols, author of the book I Know My First Name Is Steven. There, they got a room with a plan to stay for a few days. Some who knew Cary were shocked at his arrest. Because he was the handyman at the Cedar Lodge in El Portal where the Sund & Pelosso group had stayed before they were murdered, his questioning at that time seems to have been more routine than anything. He had talked his way into the room under the guise of fixing a leak, and then sexually assaulted both girls and brutally murdered Carole Lund and Silvina Pelosso in the room. Ive never seen anything thats so close to black and white and evil and good as Stayner and our children, said Francis Carrington, the father of Carole Sund and grandfather of Juli. Upon release, the FBI warned him not to leave El Portal. Very seldom did he get into trouble. Ken Parnell went back to what he had been doing for years. Timothy Lee White, 5, gets a piggyback ride from 14-year-old Steven Stayner at a news conference in Ukiah, California, in 1980, Kenneth Parnell stops the car and goes to a payphone, he comes back and tells Steven, Your parents, I just spoke to them. More than a thousand leads, they confessed, produced nothing. Unfortunately, less than a decade after his incredible escape, Steven Stayner died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24, leaving behind a wife and two children. "He had a great personality," said Lori Duke, who dated Steven in high school but knew him as Dennis. He also struggled in high school where he was bullied for the abuse he had endured. She was working for the Yosemite Institute for the past year and had worked on education programs through a partnership with the National Park Service. Special agent Maddock said, "During the last 24 hours, we have developed specific information linking Stayner (also) to the Sund-Pelosso murders.". You know, hung out with him, played with him.. In mid-July of 2002, the trial began in Judge Thomas C. Hastings courtroom. But, says Delbert, puberty-aged Cary endured some emotional hardships because of that incident. On Monday, July 22, the court heard Stayners taped confession, which he had given to FBI agents. "He stated that he felt like jumping in a truck, driving it through the shop and killing the boss and killing everybody in the office, and then torching the place," friend Mark Marchese said in 1999. Parnell worked at the Yosemite Lodge, located about two hours away from the Stayner home. They lived in the farming town of Merced, California, the Gateway to Yosemite. "Her mother, sisters, and a family friend had been missing for a month by the time Gina Sund read her poem in front of a thousand or so people who gathered in Modesto," writes Time. This time, agents detained him and forced him to answer more questions. He demanded that his parents be given the reward money, that he be incarcerated at a prison near his parents home, and, to Stayners detriment, that he be given a large cache of child pornography. Management found him a hard worker and honest. He also exhibited some behaviors that made others uncomfortable, including, as he later admitted, exposing himself to his sister's friend. Then he took action. Part of TV News Archive. The dramatic story was told in the 1989 television movie, I Know My First Name Is Steven.. Agents arrived at the scene early on the 19th and upon opening the trunk, investigators found two charred bodies. On December 4, 1972, at the age of seven, Steven was approached after school by Edward Ervin Murphy, who claimed he was collecting money for the church. In his interview, Stayner claimed that hair from his body was left on the bedspread in their motel room, but he returned later and changed the bed. To the dismay of the Stayner family, the case went cold. Cary was the ideal son, Kay Stayner revealed to the jury during her elder sons trial for murder. | | Acting on a tip from a caller who was worried about the whereabouts of his friend, Joie Ruth Armstrong, 26, park rangers found her decapitated body on the morning of July 22, 1999. When Steven didnt return from school that afternoon, his parents sounded the alarm. Stayner said he thought he had gotten away with the earlier crimes, but could not resist the urge to kill Armstrong after he struck up a chance conversation with her. On Good Morning America in March 1980, Steven shared with host David Hartman that it felt "great" to be home. Quotes The issue was no longer who committed the murders but whether Stayner was insane at the time and whether the confession to the FBI agents was coerced.

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